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Conference Room Videography

Does this sound familiar? You've spent the last two months preparing for your upcoming presentation. You've spent hours in front of the mirror working on your delivery. You've proofread the PowerPoint presentation numerous times and labored over the design, color scheme, animations and graphs.

Now the day has come... Saturday morning in a Las Vegas convention center. You've spent all of this time creating this great content and you'll deliver it in just under an hour. You've loaded the PowerPoint onto a thumb drive and plugged it into the laptop located in "Conference Room B". People file into the room and you smile and nod to them. Having fun conversations with some whom you've known for years and checking your watch for GO time,T Minus 10 Seconds. You notice the room is only half full. That's OK. A lot of people probably stayed up late and over slept.

Before you know it, your presentation is over. You standing in front of the audience answering questions...Everyone loved your presentation and you are ecstatic. You've given everyone access to the PowerPoint via a download link and you thank them for their time. APPLAUSE.

Wait, All that work and that's it? It's over. No way of seeing how I did...No way of playback to improve your future presentations?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could record the presentation of both yourself, and the PowerPoint. This way you can share the entire presentation, in one file, with people who weren't able to attend. You could give it away for free or upload it to YouTube and monetize it. I mean, this is a great presentation!! People have and will pay hundreds if not thousands for this content. You and your colleagues could all record your sessions in the room and offer a package deal on your website.

Maybe, it's not about the money and you simply want to spread knowledge. How effective will your presentation be without the PowerPoint being on the screen when you make reference to it?

Montgomery Media Productions is proud to offer a great deal on a video production just for this type of situation. We will take a video feed from your laptop or projector and send it to the back of the room where a videographer will be discreetly set up with a camera, tripod and video switcher.

This videographer will record your presentation using a high quality camcorder and along with the feed taken from your laptop or projector, edit your video live on location as it happens. When you change the PowerPoint slide on your laptop, the videographer will hit a button and cut away from the shot of you, to a shot of your PowerPoint screen. This is what is being recorded and will be available to you at the end of your presentation. From there you can upload to a social media site, file-sharing service, or keep it for personal viewing later on.

Interested? Feel free to give us a call! Also, ask about our streaming capabilities. We can also stream your presentation to thousands live via YouTube, Facebook or even your own site.

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