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Building World Changing Leaders

Recently, we had the opportunity to provide our full-service video production to a Las Vegas local businessman whom has a dream of opening a school that will build world changing leaders. Bill Wadley, founder of Impact Companies, has had a challenging life. He overcame poverty, homelessness, and abuse to find his faith in Christ and build a successful business in the Las Vegas Valley.

Bill was refereed to us by Frank Martin, founder of Martin-Harris construction, one of the most well know construction companies in the South West and currently the company involved in the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center. We have worked with Frank on numerous occasions and were thankful he was so impressed with our work that he'd refer Impact Companies to us as well.

After meeting with Bill, I knew just the writer and producer we would need to help make this fundraising video the best it can be. That's our dear friend, writer and Emmy award winning producer, John Long. Together, we believe we have delivered a video that is effective in communicating Bill Wadley’s vision for a premier, faith based, K-12 school, to build world changing leaders.

Click on the video above to watch the video and visit to learn more about the school and how you can donate.

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