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North Las Vegas - State of The City

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

In November of 2019, we were contacted by The City of North Las Vegas to produce a video to supplement their January State of the City Address.

This project was both exciting and challenging considering the time of year, weather and the schedules of city employees. It required us to get more creative in order to deliver a quality product, on time and within budget.

In the past, North Las Vegas had suffered from beliefs by some, that the city was not a great place to live. This is no longer true because under the direction of Mayor John Lee and his team, an economy that was once on the verge of bankruptcy, is now a thriving city with assets that have grown to more than $22 Billion and more room to grow since only about half of its 104-square-miles is currently built out.

North Las Vegas has great schools, beautiful communities and plenty of recreation areas, parks and trails.

Along with Writer/Producer John Long, Montgomery Media Productions created two videos. One which would cover the business/economy and a second video that was tailored for the community.

Some of the notable projects include the Medical Services and Job Creation Zones next to the VA Hospital, Restaurant Row on Craig, Maya Cinemas in Downtown North Las Vegas, a history-infused library and park complex and APEX industrial park.

Have a look at the videos and let us know your thoughts!

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