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Keynote & Breakout Room Presentations

One of our most requested services are to have one or multiple videographers aka Camera Operators film Keynote presentations and Breakout sessions. We are often asked to record the person presenting and believe it or not also asked to film the projector screen for the PowerPoint/Keynote slides from time to time. Sometimes it's because they want to use the recording of the slides and other times it's because they want to use the recording to be able to match the timing so that they can place the slides in the video during editing.

We are always happy to inform them that we can capture the PowerPoint/Keynote slides live during the presentation. We can capture and edit it together with the presenter live on location, either cutting back and forth between the two, using a PiP (Picture in Picture) effect so that both the presenter and the slides are on the screen simultaneously or even capturing both separately for later editing.

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