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During the Development phase, we develop the script for your project. Unless your project is a film, this is typically an Audio Video (AV) script. AV scripts separate the audio and video components of the script into two columns. The Audio column contains narration or character dialogue. The Video column describes the scene or shot corresponding to the narration or dialogue in the audio column. AV scripts are commonly used in advertising, corporate videos, and documentaries.


In the Pre-production phase, we prepare for production. Key Cast & Crew are hired, the storyboards are created and locations are scouted and chosen. Any additional equipment needed is rented and a  shooting schedule is created and call-times for the production are determined.


The Production phase is when we film your project. This is when the lights turn on and the Director yells, “Action”! Depending on the type of shoot, there could be one person shooting and directing or a crew of people whom will each have a part in making your project great.


At this stage the video is assembled by the editor. Using the script written during the Development Phase, The Editor assembles the footage into a work of art. Music and Sound FX are added to help push the story forward.


Computer Graphics and Visual FX are then added and finally the video is Color Graded, and all sound elements are mixed.

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